March 7, 2019 Gary Herbstman

Dr. Ashish Bagai

Dr. Bagai previously served as a Program Manager in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) tactical Technology Office where he led vertical flight technology development programs.

Prior to joining DARPA, Dr. Bagai worked at Sikorsky where he helped design and build the Sikorsky X2 Technology™ (X2) demonstrator aircraft as the Chief Aerodynamicist – X2 was a coaxial-rotor, compound helicopter that flew 100 mph faster than current production models. The X2 earned Dr. Bagai and his team at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation the prestigious Robert J. Collier Trophy in 2011—one of aviation’s highest honors. Dr. Bagai holds two patents on the design of the X2’s main rotor blades.

Don Woodbury, Skyworks’ Chief Technology Advisor said “With the eGyro™ project, Skyworks is looking to fully leverage the opportunities offered by electrification to produce a high performance, safe, affordable aircraft for air taxi and other markets. Ashish’s experiences with the development of innovative vertical take-off and landing aircraft and with aircraft electrification have well prepared him for this key role with Skyworks to realize our shared vision for a transformative eGyro platform.”

“Ashish has an incredible amount of experience in working in technology innovation and advanced aircraft,” said retired Air Force Brig. Gen. John Michel, Skyworks Executive Director. “His expertise from DARPA and Sikorsky as well as his experience in developing cutting edge vertical lift platforms make him an invaluable asset to the team as Skyworks pursues its vision of designing, developing, and delivering a safe, environmentally friendly electrified Air Taxis.”

Dr. Bagai holds a B.S. Degree, a M.S. Degree, and a Ph.D. Degree, all in Aerospace Engineering and all from the University of Maryland College Park.